Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Being Schwarzenegger's Confidante Must Suck

Considering the rendezvous that occurred in the Terminator's house over a decade ago, women are wondering how many of their men are capable of digressing from their commitment vows.  One can only feel for Maria Shriver as she moves forward to pick up the remains of her marriage after learning that it was her personal confidante and assistant that crossed her by the ultimate betrayal.  Her house keeper not only worked hard to look after Maria's children and home, she even volunteered to keep Arnold warm in the sack!  We can only imagine how many questions flooded Maria's mind when news came her way that there is a little Arnold Jr. walking around whom she did not give birth to.  
First, acknowledging a love child from one's Partner is not the easies task to deal with in any sense. Life happens and we deal with it. What makes matters worse in this story is that the love child came into existence 'during' Maria's marriage not before.   Secondly, reality cannot be changed regardless of how many ways one perceives the truth:  Arnold was is a very bad bad boy.  Such behaviors do not form overnight as well as old habits die hard.  

"I'll be back"
Arnie, I don't think so! Not so fast!
Source:  Anorak.co.uk

It is interesting to see how some women felt regarding Arnold's infidelity when a survey was taken among 30 women ages 27-58. 

When asked if these women would forgive and forget their spouse if they were in Maria's position:
8 agreed to forgive and forget
12 agreed to forgive but not forget
10 agreed to neither forgive nor forget

When asked how many would consider separating from their spouse:
24 claimed they would
6 claimed that separation would make matters worse

When questioning the 24 who would consider separation:
17 responded by going forth with a divorce
7 would consider reconciling later in time

Lastly when they were asked whether they can trust their partner again:
7 said yes
23 said no

Maria Shriver-we heart you! 

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