Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Calling Men-Lay Off the Dialing

Women have it in their DNA that they must be acknowledged AND this must be done on their time-not the man's, not the universe's; not even their mother's. One common challenge that women battle is communicating with their man, whether she is dating him or in a relationship, it appears women need to be more self-aware of how and when they approach their partners. Society and media infiltrates our mind with notions that Men are from Mars while Women are from Venus; therefore this spoon-feeding of battle of the sexes will not cease until humans transform their habits in the world of communication.

Though men and women coexist, it is obvious we still have not mastered how to address one another. This is not necessarily in regards to respecting one another; in fact this is in regards to space recognition and perception. It is no secret women are more likely to pick up that phone and start dialing away until they reach their men on the other end. It can be texting, calling, leaving messages--basically inundating his phone with her energy until he reacts.

Her chances of receiving a response from him plummets as she keeping exerting more effort in seeking a reaction from him. He will in fact reciprocate with nothing, yes nothing. This will make the women realize she is ultimately communicating with herself, over and over again. To make things worse, he may only respond with one word, "ok". This is a sure-fire way to get the lady steaming.
Ladies, lay off the auto-dialer and breathe.

(Image Credit: Ydhsu, Daniel)

If you're doing all the work, why should he even bother? Right? Also live for yourself and not for your man. Men may come and go but a lady's dignity should remain intact at all times.

It is easier said than done so keep this mantra in mind, "I shall respect and honor myself at all times". Respect yourself-learn it, practice it and repeat it. When you do make contact, keep it short and sweet. When his senses are flooded with ten thoughts attacking him at once, it is inevitable he will stop responding to anything past the initial introduction. Tell him what he needs to know, not what you think he wants to know. Ladies, he needs a reason to touch base again, right?

A little mystery can go a long way.

Remember, hands off the auto-dialer and the texting...for now.

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