Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Can You Survive Dating Without Drama?

Having acknowledged and experienced many dating scenarios, I begin to wonder whether drama is the spice of life. To this day I believe life without drama is sweet, even considering the phone may ring less as well there are less knocks on the door.   I don't feel drama is a key ingredient in keeping the romance alive though I feel people dwell on it because it gives them something to do.    It is a thrill some men and women get by creating hypothetical challenges along with unnecessary scenarios to instigate any form of fire.   Manifesting such circumstances thwarts the individual's emotional, mental and spiritual growth. 

When the dating and relationship is developing smoothly, it appears something is 'missing'.   It is typical that majority of us are accustomed to jumping hurdles in relationships in order to secure our bond with our partner, compromising our lifestyles preferences to please our partner and the list definitely doesn't end here. When one is not faced with such conflicts, the mind begins to wonder how it can seek satisfaction through some form of entertainment.  Majority of drama is not entertainment. Before I proceed, drama in my books appears to be a dragged out soap opera serial with no real plot, no climax and deplete of an ending.  Drama has no beginning and no end, it is infinite.  Therefore the person creating this unnecessary illusion can invite as many voyeurs to their story by fabricating outcomes to a story that probably will never take place. 

Engaging in some form of drama derives power and pleasure through encouraging people to react to a hap stance regardless of whether it is relevant to their life or not. It's amazing to see we live in a world where people need constant validation and security to feel great about themselves, when in fact this confidence should be nurtured from within.  As more resources and technology becomes available to assist our lifestyles, it also appears to create problems in our love lives.   Not only are more options available to men and women for seeking their ideal partner, there is also the room for speculation that exists when both sexes are openly available through social media.   This latter factor does threaten lovers who turn into fighters because they feel their ego is getting scratched, their heart is being tested and their security--well it’s melting away.   How does one go about protecting themselves? Through seeking validation from their partner by testing them while concocting a mix of drama to ease the soul.   One doesn't realize that creating drama will only hurt themselves more than whomever they intend to make jealous or overwhelm in the present.    How one reacts to their surroundings will determine their sanity. It is ultimately up to people to decide on making drama their ally or their enemy.

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