Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Is Sexting Considered Cheating?

Men and women do yearn for a thrill when they are dating and engaging in relationships--ok--so most of us can relate to that at some point in time.   Whether there are two people willing to shoot an intimate video during their horizontal tango, ménage-a-tois or solo act, there will "always" be a voyeur ready to sell you out. This voyeur may even include yourself!  It is not a matter of if, it is more so a matter of when.  The timer starts ticking the moment one releases such energy into the universe and then disperses these snippets into main stream media.    Look at Anthony Weiner for example, I was aware he was guilty of such an act because his energy just reeks of guilt.

Does this fiasco make Weiner a bad man? No 
Does it make him appear stupid? Oh very much so.   Regardless to what degree he disclosed himself to his cyber ladies, this doesn't negate the fact that he crossed boundaries outside of his marriage.

People in committed relationships endure ramifications of infidelity when they choose to get emotionally involved with another person, act upon their physical desires, sexting (text messaging with sexual references) outside of their present relationship with a spouse or date, kissing (yes, kissing is cheating's cousin) and any behaviors that seek attention & affection from outside the individual's immediate relationship.   It's common for couples to engage in such behaviors "within" their relationship where they are honoring one another and not committing these acts outside of their relationship. Still there is this danger of documented behaviors behind closed doors that come to see the light of day, again--it is only a matter of time.  There is nothing private now a days, not even your sex life.    To some degree, men and women do allude to their intimate life when he or she needs validation that their behaviors are normal, or per se more creative than the couple next door.   Remember...at the end of the day, every best friend has a best friend.
Either one person will 'hear' about your activities while the lucky (or so not lucky) audience members will 'see' these acts being replayed all over the place.   Trust me, it is a small world.   

It's not as Weiner needed more publicity for his political career, the act itself is not a fair representation of his competency to serve the state of New York. However his reaction to when the scandal broke and how he addressed the matter clearly depicts that he will lie his way through anything until he realizes he will be caught anyway. It is his lying that hasn't sat well among his followers.  This is probably one of his behaviors that have surfaced at this moment in time.   His energy speaks volumes and I do not feel there are just a few of these audience members that have gotten hold of his bulge, or as his friend Jon Stewart commented regarding Weiner's twitpic that there is a lot of Anthony in there yet not much Weiner.   I can only imagine how Stewart will greet Weiner the next time they meet. Regardless of their takes on this, Stewart does come off as a genuine friend of Weiner's who will hopefully enlighten Weiner how to keep his legs crossed when alone.   Boys will be boys, though some boys need to be publicly humiliated to learn a good lesson. 

Was Weiner aware that what he was doing wrong? I am confident 99% he knew he was taking a risk.   
Does he fear the consequences? Yes  
Will he pull through out of this? Yes although it may take a few 6-9 months for him to recover.
What was the wifes reaction?  Probably horrified and ready to shove that phone up his...

As a proud Democrat, will Weiner win back my support? Hmm, not until I see a twitpic that i approve of  :)

Until next time, control the bulge and make sure when you get a request for a head shot--it's not for the head south of the border!

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