Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Getting Married in San Francisco :D

As 2012 rolls around within days, it is exciting to know the energies from the past three to five years will shift for the benefit of us all starting January.    It is intended to be a very powerful year where individuals make peace with themselves, confront their past and face the future fearlessly and also start new beginnings with a bang---a romantic kick off in San Francisco, one of my favorite cities in the world!  There are no words to describe the ambiance that embraces you when one lands at San Francisco International Airport crossing paths with herds of people either entering or leaving the city.  It is only when people skate their way into the true city, lovers and all alike find ways to leave their mark for all others to see.  

So who wants to get married in San Francisco?   Regardless from where travelers visit, San Francisco is a VERY romantic place to marry and if one is inclined to have a quickie -in all ways possible- go ahead for no one will stop you!    Getting married at City Hall is very simple,   go online to make a reservation,  appear for your appointment and va la' you are married.
Here are the resources to help facilities the mission of getting married in a la San Francisco:  visit SFGov  for detailed guidance, after reviewing the instructions, one is lead to create an account & book a reservation.
If individuals would like a magnate to marry them at a specific site or location, allow room to confirm arrangements prior to the date of the wedding as well note that a higher fee is charged for customized requests.

Let the count down begin as someone has to get ready for an appointment!

Courtesy: Sasha Wedding Photography

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Let Him Chase You Until You Catch Him

It was a few years ago this phrase had surfaced among the dating and reading circles. When one ponders over it, is true that the man should pursue this lady in the chase as it captivates his attention and elates the sentiments of the lady. It is okay to become a challenge in the midst of being pursued though there is a clear line between playing games for Ms. Wake Up has never been a fan of playing games nor is this a platform for an endorsement of such. To interpret "let him chase you until you catch him' from a dignified perspective means that the man should make the effort in getting to know his object of affection, should be the one to initiate (leadership and chivalry never go out of style) and both smart individuals in this scenario know how to keep the power dynamics in balance if there are ever going to get to that first kiss, hmm perhaps date. In essence it's not about winning a prize yet it's being able to hold and engage a lover's attention before one of them pops due to anticipation! Curiosity did kill the cat.

Courtesy: Dating After Forty-Eight

Breaking Up During the Holidays

Breaking up with a partner is not a delightful experience; yet breaking up during the holidays where people are counting on some cheer is even more challenging. These 'break-ups' leave the dumped partner even more emotionally sensitive because there is a pretense that implies this individual couldn't save the relationship at all costs. It's okay folks-- it takes a strong soul to do the dumping and a stronger soul to realize there is a reason why they are being dumped! In the spirit of the holidays, let's rejoice on behalf of all the lovers who woke up in time to break up with their lovers. For those who were let go this year, perhaps they should realize they had opportunities of making up before they saw their hearts flutter out that door for the last time. Hmm...Isn't it refreshing to wake up to an empty bed not knowing who will warm these sheets next? Yes....perhaps it's the mystery and anticipation that keeps us at bay from losing our sanity.

Courtesy: Men Myself and God

Until next time, remember couples will either "break up, wake up or make up". Which one will be you?

To those tying the knot as the year ends, congrats!
To those waiting to tie the knot, stay awake!
To those waiting for the right one, keep your flirt on ;)

Seasons Greetings from "Sasha Talks"

Relaying the message on behalf of Sasha Talks~

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Well drop by for the discounted reads by doing the following:
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