Friday, October 7, 2011

Memorable Introductions: DarkMan69

This enigmatic character surfaced out of thin air one fall day when Ms. Wake Up was surfing the web for a specific item. Somehow the web results mysteriously caught cached pages of items that were correlated yet not directly linked to DarkMan69’s written material. While skimming the search results, it only appeared practical to see what DarkMan69 wanted the world to know. His writing covered an array of politics, the infinite facets of human beliefs while restraining his dogma from segregating his audiences; as well exuding enough ephemeral presence to lure interest from strangers.  Apparently it remains unknown to this day if it was the writing or the mystifying picture that made Ms. Wake Up drop by for a dose of current events.   
Credit: '80MillionMovies'

C’mon folks, it’s DarkMan69. How can you not know this? Ms. Wake Up will tell you why. This is how the conversation manifested over hmm…his highness (rolling eyes).

“I noticed your picture was titled DarkMan69.  Any deep insight behind the title?”
“It was a picture taken quite some time ago.”
“Is the 69 alluding to a personal preference for….”
“It’s my birth year. Why? “
“Ah, never mind, (sigh) there goes my mojo.”
*Notice the difference how men and women communicate?*


  1. WOW you are one observant and intelligent broad! Darkman69 is a double entendre:) Do you and I know each other? Is the quoted text a conversation you and I had? What were you searching for when you found my blog?

    I used to call myself on the Yahoo Message boards. The pic was taken in 2003.

  2. I just figured out who you are. I suspected it was you by your style of writing. Very creative, Ms. Wake Up:)

  3. Yes. Yes. Mojo. Btw, I hear Spectrum Silver helps with memory loss but it doesn't hurt faking it sometimes. :0