Thursday, September 29, 2011

Prenuptial Agreements: Hot or Not?

Relationships today present more opportunities as more women are taking advantage of resources that enable them to engage more competently with their male counterparts. As the dynamics of family life have morphed within the past three decades, it is clearly apparent that women are also breadwinners in their families’ as well strong contributors to their relationships.    It is common yet not unheard of that couples that are intending to get married will entertain a prenuptial agreement.  A prenuptial agreement is a legal document that protects the assets & rights of the initiating party, or both parties, in case the couple chooses to divorce later in time.    Traditionalists view prenuptial agreements as a blasphemous benefit that is already preparing the couple in question to split up hence making it appear that it's not a matter of if they will split up, where as it's a matter of when they split up.   
Proponents of this agreement feel it is an amicable option for both individuals to consider before getting married for one never knows what the future holds. If there is a disparity of income among couples, if one individual owns more valuable assets or even if one wants their marital rights stated in writing, it is not a bad idea to entertain a prenuptial agreement.  Whether one feels such agreements are romantic or not, both individuals will have to address these practical matters sooner or later. Some may get offended and feel their devotion to their partner is being questioned, only considering a prenuptial agreement should not be taken personally, it should be addressed similarly to everyday business.   The intent of sharing the following example is not to equate people and their emotions to being treated like objects though there is a similar notion of one protecting themselves. If an individual purchases a new car along with car insurance, the intent there is to protect the car if something happens to it. Like wise, people who choose to purchase health insurance do so in order to protect themselves if an emergency takes place.  Similarly, a prenuptial agreement exists to protect individuals in a marriage. It is an optional item to consider when making preparations for one's marriage.  Having one doesn't guarantee that the marriage will be more successful than going without it, though it does offer a peace of mind among the couple where there are less worries over protecting assets thus freeing their energy to be invested in enriching their relationship.

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