Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Date Ending at Yotel

Two people meet on a date, sparks fly, great dinner--great music--great wine and since they are seeking 'perhaps more'...why not consider more at Yotel?   Yotel is a high end, hi-tech hotel that has locations in New York City and London.   With its very futuristic & James Bond-"ish" feel, almost all operations of this hotel are automated from the time the visitors check-in to the moment they bid farewell to the 'Yobot'.    This odyssey minded ambiance provides the ideal get away with its fair share of entertainment, lounges, terraces and studios which provide visitors an escape from the their typical hotel experience.  The rates may be a bit pricey yet there is no other competitor that can offer such an experience leaving one to ponder when will more cities adopt this metropolitan allure.   Yotel's presence is not solely marketed as a tech savvy hotel, in fact there is plenty of modern architecture, art work and gadgets to keep one busy that the 'more' portion of the date can 'perhaps' just wait.    "So is it your place or mine or...?"

Credit: Tots and Travel

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