Saturday, October 22, 2011

Granting a Fair Chance in Dating

What is it with women judging men off the bat?   Give the man a chance, a fair chance. By observing the dating circles, it is apparent that some women are too uptight to enjoy and have a good time as the man takes a chance to be enchanted by her company. Such women walk into their dates with an attitude to deliver a laundry list for what they want in a man yet they are not ready to make themselves available for the man.   It is okay to know what she wants in a man but first impressions go a long way so this isn't exactly the right way of seeking a man--anywhere, anytime, anyhow.   It's good to know she practices self-respect while exuding self esteem though do not overwhelm a man, who's still considered a stranger, on a first date by intimidating him with all these expectations. He made a choice to show up after inviting her (not all dates come to fruition just because a meeting is agreed upon) so why not give him a fair chance? A fair chance means allowing oneself to have a good time while learning about him during the date and perhaps some more.    Don't read into his every word, just enjoy the moment.  Assess a man based off his actions not words for men who are anxious & confused may say what they feel one may 'want' to hear than 'need' to hear.  Honesty at times may contain a bare bones message yet people don't appreciate it until later in time. Be honest with thyself and respect the date for it can only set off good karma into the universe. A date that already has preset conditions is starting off on a shaky note because some things that begin awkwardly can turn out better; likewise there are meetings that turn out great but the passion dies out by the second or third date.  It is 'ok'. Breathe, relax and have fun in the process. Not every date is a passage to a long-term relationship or marriage. If one can't enjoy the present, they will not be content a week from now or perhaps a year from now. What you see is what you get. Are you putting your best foot forward when you are out meeting people?  Dating doesn't come easily to a lot of people therefore keep some courtesy in mind.
Granting a date a fair chance doesn't mean to keep a partner around for weeks dragging or for months if one already knows that is not the partner for them.  The point of dating is to have a good time while seeking the right partner for oneself. There are plenty of fish in the ocean, some are hiding within the deep blue waters where more patience & a stronger bait is needed. Only the strong survive. Good luck!

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