Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Has the Season of Love Come & Gone?

As summer is officially coming to an end within a week, most of the summer romances and flings will also transition into a new chapter where lovers will become more engrossed in their work along with lovers who will return to their academic and personal commitments.  Realistically half of these couples will also move on to new partners. Yes, I said it--summer is over as fall strolls in quietly bringing new experiences our way.  This is not a time to fear or be anxious, it is a time to celebrate the moment as everything around us, nature and ourselves, undergo a period of rejuvenation before winter sets in putting some of our love lives in hibernation mode.   Cherish your summer memories with you as more memories will pile up before the end of the year.   For some it may have been easier seeking dates and exploring the unknown possibilities during the summer because people tend to enjoy the outdoors by attending outdoor events, cruising the beach and more.  Do not fret--there are still creative ways of meeting people so don't forget to make the most of your social invites in the fall too.
Here are some activities one may want to consider because love exists everyday, some seasons are easier to find it than others.
  • Online dating websites, i.e.,
  • Speed Dating, i.e. Professionals in the City,
  • Joining Social Interests Groups, i.e.  Book clubs,
  • Traveling in groups, i.e. Planned cruises, get-aways
  • Attending Lounges
  • Just go out and about! Sometimes living the moment welcomes good surprises!

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