Thursday, June 9, 2011

Five Creative Summer Date Ideas

The season of love is prevalent throughout the year though it becomes more apparent during the hot months of summer.  We see couples waking around holding hands, basking in the sun and exploring new ways to spend their time together. Dating is fun whether it is fun indoors or out, it all depends on the activities that you share with your partner that leaves a lasting memory.  
Here are five creative date ideas to consider as the Season of Love hits a high note:

1. Take your partner out to a sporting event, whether it is a basketball game at an arena, a baseball game at a stadium or an event of their choice.  It is the ambiance that determines the mood at the event.  With enough drinks, food and live entertainment there is not much room for things to go wrong. It is a relaxed atmosphere where couples can enjoy the event while socializing on the sidelines.  If the person isn't a sports fanatic, there is always a first time experience for them.   Sports, just like music, is what brings people together.   Basically, keep the moment light and fun. Nothing beats experience, I must admit that I've enjoyed attending such games watching the Celtics, Spurs, Wizards and Lakers play (and I am not a sports fanatic).  It's easy to let the excitement get to you when you're living in the moment.

2.  Plan a weekend get away. Dependent upon how well you know your date along with your comfort level, it's exciting to vacate one's life for the weekend.   There are many bed & breakfast in suburbia where couples can enjoy the view of nature, relax at a spa, go wine tasting and ultimately rest without any distractions.    Some of these venues cost starting from $80 and up, depending on the location, season & type of rental.   

3.   It is nearly impossible for one to date a person who has no opinion or preference towards music. Concert season usually picks up during the spring and starts dying down as winter approaches. Take advantage of going to see world renown artists perform at arenas, conference centers and local venues (possibly right in your city).  My recommendation is also give comedy clubs a try.  I was invited to go see Jim Gaffigan in 2006 and I am glad that I did go. He was a rising comedian at that time with a following among the local clubs. All I was told by a coworker was Jim's main comedic theme is cracking jokes about food and him being pasty white.  Oh, those words rang true as I saw through is performance in a theatre with the audience laughing away into the late evening.   Yes, Jim Gaffigan is ghost white. I'd stood three feet away from him in the theater lobby & I felt this was Casper's sidekick.  I would recommend folks to seek out Russell Peters, another comedian who will not let you leave until your stomach hurts from all the laughing done during his show.   My last recommendation for comics is Maz Jobrani, an Irani-American that hails from Southern California, who is quite an entertainer and likes to address global issues without hesitation. 

4.  City segway tours. These tours comprise of segways, those electronic bikes that resemble a semi-skateboard where the person stands on them and lets the handles direct the course of their journey.  Major cities offer such services to tourists so they can cruise through the city while sight seeing and making stops when needed. The prices do fluctuate for this activity due to season and demand.   Depending on your preference, there is a tour guide that is available to show you around unless you and your partner choose to venture out on your own.  Remember to bring back those segways, or else there's a pricey ramification waiting for you! 

5.    Wine Tasting Festivals. For avid wine drinkers there are festivals and wine-tasting events that occur at wineries as well as specialty shops during the warm weather. These take place throughout the year, only there is a greater turn out in outdoor events where people run into them while window shopping & touring around cities.    Whether your preference is for white or red wine, there is enough variety to go around making everyone happy.    Depending on the host, some venues do heavily enforce ID'ing their visitors before serving wine as well there are places that may limit the quantity of tastings for your safety (I've noticed this is more common in local shops).  Usually there is a small fee to pay ranging from $5 and up where visitors are granted open access to the owner's selection of drinks.  Just remember to remain hydrated if you choose to participate during the summer heat.
p.s. Did you know that Virgin America has a wine club "Virgin Wines" now? Check it out.

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