Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Power of Energy

Every thought in our mind comprises of energy, a powerful source that drives our lifestyle for better or worse. It can be curious, anxious, positive, negative, and aggressive and many other forms of energy that permeate our environment communicating with the universe what we are seeking.    Although it is hard to believe, we can control our thoughts and filter what messages we want to share with the universe so the universe can work parallel to our desires.

Positive thoughts yield positive outcomes.
Negative thoughts yield not so favorable outcomes.
Anxiety, fear and worry delay the universe in responding to our needs because such emotions start resisting the energy that is working itself towards us.   Communicating with energy is a two way street: what we communicate is what we attract.  If you have encountered challenging dating experiences which led them to give up on seeking love, then chances are opportunities in your love life will slowly cease to exist. Time to time, I do have clients confess that they are tired of dating and they are content being alone. Out of this sample population, I believe 10% of those clients mean what they say.  Yes, happiness comes from within, where one should not rely on another human being to make them happy. To find balanced love, it is essential for the person seeking such asset to align their mindset with their desired outcomes.  

After all we plant the seeds of our thoughts in our mind, which ultimately manifest our subconscious desires.     People may interpret the term 'desires' in a positive connotation; to the contrary, one must realize that desires can be positive or negative.  For example, if a woman believes that she will never find love, then she will not find it.   Depending on how strong that specific belief resides within her, love will not easily find her.    Where as, if a man tells himself that his life partner exists in the universe, sooner or later his partner will appear before him. It is only a matter of time the universe delivers what we attract in our lives--this can be in our personal, social, professional and other facets of our lives.

How can one change their energy?   A minor adjustment can make a huge difference overtime.    How we perceive, interpret and react to our environment is a by product of energy that swirls around us when we are awake and sleeping.    As an exercise, you can keep a gratitude journal. If writing is not your forte, then before ending the day try to count three blessings from your day.  These blessings are three things that you are thankful for: it can be a small gesture as someone holding the door open for you to having your errands run smoothly.   Basically name three things or people that enlightened your day.  There are blessings to count even on a bad day when things may not 'appear' well yet in fact the universe may be trying to guide you into the right direction. Start from noting three blessings a day and work yourself up to acknowledging five a day. It is amazing how our outlook changes when we are self aware of the positive things that exist in our life.  

Soon you will realize that things that would irritate you automatically iron themselves out to serve you better.     Gratitude can bring more abundance into your life, because the universe is infinite in delivering our wishes.    It is human nature for us to demand things right here-right now due to living in a fast paced world that one may doubt the effectiveness of such exercises.   With consistency and positive intent one is capable of attracting the good in their life while retaining the residual benefits of their actions. Energy works just like karma; it never dies and keeps traveling in different forms ultimately delivering the universe's message to your door.

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