Sunday, August 21, 2011

"Sasha Talks" Energy Healing Services

Clients that are interested in seeking energy and spiritual healing are welcomed to consider the services below. Please note remote healing will entail energy cleansing, meditation and prayer.   It is vital for the client to be proactive in the healing process as Sasha works with you on removing energy blocks while enabling the body, mind and spirit to align themselves. The success of the healing is dependent upon how willing the client is to making positive changes in their life.  Purchase can be made for a one-time request or for weeks at a time.

Meet Sasha from "Sasha Talks"
Healing services are offered to assist in removing energy blocks in personal, relationship, professional and other life matters that demand the client's attention.   If a loved one needs positive energy and thoughts while making a medical recovery, Sasha is available in assisting you in this journey.  Whether it is love challenges or everyday hurdles that require some encouragement, she is able to guide you along this journey by minimizing the burden of such experiences while teaching the wisdom that lies upon this path.   She is also a member of the Distant Healing Network where she practices her trade; as well please note she takes her trade seriously so only serious requests are acknowledged in a timely manner.  Please read the Disclaimer and Terms of Services before purchasing these services at

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