Monday, August 22, 2011

Getting Ex'ed by Text

Here is an interesting excerpt from Mimi Tanner's column, people read this s-l-o-w-l-y.
"How should one respond to such a text message? Please don't dignify that with ANY response - at least not by text.  And the little "holiday texts" - are you supposed to be impressed or consoled by those? If those are  all that's left after the Breakup Text, they're equally lame and ridiculous! They're annoying, too.  You don't really want your pleasant day to be interrupted by Mr. I'm-Sure-You-Want-To-Get-My Happy-Mothers-Day-Text.
When a person gets Exed by Text, the best response is DEAD SILENCE. Nothing is more effective than that. And no one can fault you for it, either. If your ex gets mad about your lack of response to their Text Drama, then consider their anger to be a form of manipulation. Don't let it guilt you into a response you were not planning to make. If he asks you (in person) if you got his "Happy Easter" text, just say "Yeah, I got it," without further comment or emotion of any kind. You're not trying to keep the conversation going anymore. You have moved on!"
Now coming back to the present if anyone out there needs a little nudge in breaking up from their partner, Ms. Wake Up will be glad to put things into perspective for you as well write a letter on your behalf addressed to the one getting ex'ed. The letter is to assist you in delivering the break-up news, whether it relayed via an email, a phone call or in-person.

Do not join the ignorant men and women who lack the decorum of relaying news face to face. After all, possessing dignity means knowing how to handle life circumstances with tact and diplomacy regardless of the personalities involved.

If you haven't found Mr.Right, no worries, there are plenty of Mr. Right Now's swimming among us. ;)

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