Sunday, August 14, 2011

Breaking Up with a Post-It Note

Remember the episode where Carrie gets dumped by her boyfriend "Berger" in 'Sex and the City'?   Loyal viewers of the show knew that Berger wasn't the one for Carrie though he did make a decent companion for her to date while taking a break from her two loves, Mr. Big and Aidan.    Berger and Carrie had their fair share of moments of laughter and life lessons though the biggest surprise came Carrie's way when Berger decides to break up with her on a Post-It note.  Yep, you read that properly...a Post-It note--the yellow colored square sticky pads which we write our reminders on and slap them where ever it will remain in our view.     Hours prior to him breaking up with Carrie, he decides to visit her place for a romantic night where he showers her with flowers and attention. Before Carrie wakes up in the morning, she finds the Post-It in her view and it reads the following, "I'm sorry, I can't. Don't hate me". Ironically, Jack Berger was bold enough to tell Carrie he was interested in giving their relationship another try that same evening.

I never knew Post-Its can be that effective in relaying messages, considering their small size the messenger must be articulate and quick in dropping that note before getting caught and beaten over the head.
There are many ways of breaking up with dates, girlfriends, boyfriends, spouses and more.   Does a Post-It break up count as a legit way of breaking up? Is a phone call or a formal message needed following such a message?  One would say no because if the person had any form of admirable communication skills, the messenger would have opted for another method of communication.  

Are there more creative ways of breaking up? Yes!

Having some trouble cutting ties with your date because you are unable to address the final good bye without being cajoled into giving it 'another try'? Let me assist you in closing this deal and moving on without lingering doubts or guilt. How you communicate the message determines whether there is any room for future opportunities in the l-o-v-e department.

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  1. I like! Ms. Wake Up keep it up!~Janine