Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Getting Married in San Francisco :D

As 2012 rolls around within days, it is exciting to know the energies from the past three to five years will shift for the benefit of us all starting January.    It is intended to be a very powerful year where individuals make peace with themselves, confront their past and face the future fearlessly and also start new beginnings with a bang---a romantic kick off in San Francisco, one of my favorite cities in the world!  There are no words to describe the ambiance that embraces you when one lands at San Francisco International Airport crossing paths with herds of people either entering or leaving the city.  It is only when people skate their way into the true city, lovers and all alike find ways to leave their mark for all others to see.  

So who wants to get married in San Francisco?   Regardless from where travelers visit, San Francisco is a VERY romantic place to marry and if one is inclined to have a quickie -in all ways possible- go ahead for no one will stop you!    Getting married at City Hall is very simple,   go online to make a reservation,  appear for your appointment and va la' you are married.
Here are the resources to help facilities the mission of getting married in a la San Francisco:  visit SFGov  for detailed guidance, after reviewing the instructions, one is lead to create an account & book a reservation.
If individuals would like a magnate to marry them at a specific site or location, allow room to confirm arrangements prior to the date of the wedding as well note that a higher fee is charged for customized requests.

Let the count down begin as someone has to get ready for an appointment!

Courtesy: Sasha Wedding Photography


  1. is there a discount on double ceremonies? :)

  2. If I had known, I would have added you to the reservation list. ;) Time to assemble a flash mob...