Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Breaking Up During the Holidays

Breaking up with a partner is not a delightful experience; yet breaking up during the holidays where people are counting on some cheer is even more challenging. These 'break-ups' leave the dumped partner even more emotionally sensitive because there is a pretense that implies this individual couldn't save the relationship at all costs. It's okay folks-- it takes a strong soul to do the dumping and a stronger soul to realize there is a reason why they are being dumped! In the spirit of the holidays, let's rejoice on behalf of all the lovers who woke up in time to break up with their lovers. For those who were let go this year, perhaps they should realize they had opportunities of making up before they saw their hearts flutter out that door for the last time. Hmm...Isn't it refreshing to wake up to an empty bed not knowing who will warm these sheets next? Yes....perhaps it's the mystery and anticipation that keeps us at bay from losing our sanity.

Courtesy: Men Myself and God

Until next time, remember couples will either "break up, wake up or make up". Which one will be you?

To those tying the knot as the year ends, congrats!
To those waiting to tie the knot, stay awake!
To those waiting for the right one, keep your flirt on ;)

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