Thursday, July 21, 2011

Dating with a Purpose

In a world where men and women struggle to make time their ally than their enemy, individuals today have become more selective of choosing their partners in dating.  After all busy people choose carefully how they spend their leisure time because every moment counts where one is making progress or standing still.   In this case, both genders are known to be 'dating with a purpose'.  This means men and women have an objective in mind and intend to fulfill it by filtering their dating potentials before deciding whether they are worthy of a date or not.   Some individuals may choose to date for fun while seeking a casual relationship while some may prefer to screen partners in hopes of finding a long term partner, or a marriage potential.    The days of 'old romance' are gone where men and women would court one another without knowing what is to come next.   In today's age majority of people want to take control of their love lives by engaging in person and online dating for finding suitable partners in a reasonable amount of time.   Although we can control our actions and efforts, it is not always easy to cooperate with the universe when it comes to divine timing.  Any situation that involves more than one person to attain progress (such as dating), one cannot control when their partner will walk into their life or the context of their meeting.  Dating extracts many emotions from people since it is an exciting activity which at the same time can leave one a bit frustrated and skeptical if the right partner for them doesn't appear soon enough to their liking.  For some dating with a purpose may appear a bit harsh because some folks may not have a fair chance at dating if they are quickly overlooked for more viable partners; to the contrary the seeker is saving time and energy in their already hectic lifestyle.   These dating warriors are respectable yet direct in letting people know what & whom they are seeking and why.  If two individuals meet and their intents are different, chances are high this couple will not make it past their second date.    Whether you are seeking short or long term companionship, keep your search honest, simple and fun.  When one stops having fun in their live experiences, the outcome doesn't hold much value because someone forgets to enjoy the journey!

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