Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Crossing Paths at

It is amazing that millions of people from all over the world engage in online dating with the intent of finding the right partner(s) for them.  It is challenging to meet people at times if one is a working professional committed to forwarding their career, an individual living in limited proximity to large cities where diversity is present and for many others who are just exploring their options in the world of dating and relationships.   One site that enables people to fulfill their wish to meet their potential mates is Having cruised through this site in my past--several years ago, I was fortunate enough to meet interesting people while engaging in social activities that I would probably have passed by if it were not for them.  I was fortunate to meet a professional writer for the Financial Times, another writer from a national magazine, a passionate musician who played exclusively for former President Bush Jr. in the White House, a comedian and an artist, a basketball fan who got me front side seats and other characters who challenged me to grow by learning more about life through new experiences.   In order to be successful in seeking like minded people, have a clear intent in mind and articulate effectively when creating your profile.  There are many questions, activities and open ended statements that grant one access to displaying their personality in the best light possible. is one of the largest vendors in the dating world where their presence invites people of all cultures, faiths and lifestyles.  Remember to keep it light, fun AND honest.   Interested readers can follow up on tips for writing an effective dating profile; as well with advice for online dating. Remember he may not be Mr. Right, though he may be Mr. Right Now.  Good luck in your search!

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