Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A Bittersweet Moment

"The gray looming clouds have lifted as the sun shines through illuminating a rainbow over a mirage of red autumn leaves.   A sense of peace eases her breathing as cool air permeates her chest creating a sensation prompting a reminder that the past is only the past where as the next chapter has already begun.  Hope never surfaced within tracing old foot prints that only lead to a secluded cave of anonymity and seclusion.  Trudging through her new tracks, a sigh of relief, ultimately confirmed what she was waiting for is finally here.  The sun caressing her face didn't make her flinch as she continued walking away from the voices calling her name.   Bright beams of light blinded her as she stepped on to the round pebbles rolling her towards the new life. As the voices drowned in the back of her mind, there only remained one glaring mysterious shadow waiting to greet her—into the unknown. "         

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